One English Week in la Farga!

Second grade is using English in daily activities and playing during EnglishWeek: Arts & Crafts, Storytelling, outdoor English games, pray, speaking games and much more...

The English Week has finished, and we are so happy of how the boys have enjoyed this English time. The boys had a dossier to learn, arts and craft workshops and games in teams. Students have been learning English for 5 days with native teachers who prepared different activities to encourage them to learn and have fun.

A dossier with different topics like nature, food, clothes… In the playground, students learned different games, outdoor activities. During arts and craft workshop they did different activities like drawing their hands in a cardboard and fill it with different color papers, building a toy with a ping pong’s ball and a plastic cup, making a book for drawings about the units they studied…

It has been an amazing five day experience for the students in which they have improved their English while having fun!

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