End of 'Story Days' in CI

This week, on wednesday 20th, thursday 21th and friday 22th of march

This week, on wednesday 20th, thursday 21th and friday 22th of march, the first and second graders have participated in the ‘Story Days’, in which they have learned about a lot of traditional stories in different workshops. 

It has been three days in which English is the only language spoken to immerse the students in the language. 

Both the native teachers and the other teachers of CI explain stories in English to the students, sometimes reinforced with short videos or films. Traditional tales and stories are worked on through reading worksheets, games in class and in groups. 

To make it more enjoyable, a theme is always chosen, around which all activities are made. During these three days, the children will take part in activities such as songs, arts & crafts, storytelling and more. 

The ‘Story Days’ have been very entertaining days where students have been able to enjoy the activities while at the same time they have learned a lot of new vocabulary and expressions in English. 

These kind of activities bring us closer to data like the following, which shows that around 90% of students finish primary school with a high and medium-high competence level in English.

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