English Adventure: An unforgettable experience!

Last week students and teachers embarked on a trip to Queixans in La Cerdanya.

The aim was threefold: cooperative work to resolve activities, improving oneself as a person while sharing with others and the using English as a means of communication in day to day life. This has been one of the most enriching experiences that students could possibly achieve during their education at primary level both from an academical And personal point of view.

The experience was a huge success, not only from the teachers' points of view but also students and the hosts.

Mass was celebrated almost every day followed by a day full of activities , varying from rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing and BTT to less strenous activities like hill walking and group activities for problem-solving.

This experience, once again has been a tremendos success,reinforcing the  education of our  children not only from an academical  point of view but also on a more humane one

An experience well worth repeating!

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