English native in La Farga

Rhys Knipe, a young Sixth Form student from London, assists our ESO students with their English during some days.

Wallington County Grammar School is situated in the South of London. Since 2014, we are sharing different activities. The students who are today in 4th of ESO in La Farga had a Pen-Pal for a number of months. They had a partner in Wallington who wrote his letter in Spanish and our students had to answer in English. We learnt lots of English at the same time we had good fun reading their texts in Spanish. We are now carrying out this activity with our 2nd of ESO pupils.

From Monday 15th February, one of the most brilliant students in Wallington, Rhys Knipe, spent a week in La Farga. He is achieving great marks in his French and Spanish A levels and willing to become a teacher. So, he joined different sessions along these days both in Primary and Secondary. He was of a great help in our English sessions, responding to whatever the requirement, as well in the Spanish ones. It has been a great pleasure hosting him in La Farga for 5 days.

And we hope this relationship with Wallington will take us futher on. We'll see what the future holds.

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