Interviews to native english speakers

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Mike, I am 25 years of age and I come from Toronto, Canada.

Why did you choose this school and this country to work?

I chose Spain for multiple reasons but specifically due to having family that lives in Catalonia for many years and being an inspiration for me to see how life can be in another country. In terms of the school, when I saw the opportunity to work with an institute that carries specific catholic values, it interested me as I also came from a background of catholic schooling throughout my childhood. 

In which grade do you work with in La Farga?

I work with 1st and 2nd ESO, 1st Batx, and also see the 3rd/4th ESO students sporadically.

What do you think of your actual job? Is it challenging, demanding? 

I find the job not too demanding but definitely a challenge to overcome language barriers and have clear understandings between the teacher and students. Part of the job of course is understanding these obstacles and overcoming them. 

Why do you think students have willingness or desire to learn english?

I believe students should have the desire to learn English as it opens up another world of opportunities to them to have as they grow up and develop their own futures.

How do you encourage students to learn or improve their spoken English?

I believe the best approach is to inspire the students by having them understand the value of being able to communicate in a different language, especially one as common worldwide as English. Once students can understand the value behind the learning, it becomes easier to develop interest. 

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