The painter King and the Lion show

With this theatre show the First grade children enjoyed learning english and laughing during 15 minuts. This show is specific made for La Farga, it has never done before.

It has been long to prepare this show for the youngest boys of  La Farga. The sets of the theatre, the puppets and the story, 3 ingredients that made the kids laugh and laugh during 15 minuts. The story is about a painter King, a very vain man who loves to draw, but only likes to draw himself.

During the spectacle, he shows to the children all his masterpieces, and gets excitedthat the kids like their works. But all this changes when the lion appears, stealing his rubber and scaring him. Finally, they both become friends and the lion helps him in his paintings. Working vocabulary such as pencil, rubber, bathroom, shower, blackboard, castle, kingdom… and locations like behind, up, down, on…

The best way to learn English with fun!!!

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