We have started to use clock partners in firts grade

Working with the Clock-partner method in First Cycle gives us the opportunity to devolve and increase cooperative work in the beginning of the schoology.

Clock-partner is an activity with many goals. Some of them every year get more important, for example, integration, improving pronunciation skills, and team work. Experts have told us how important it is that young ages work towards goals, because that helps them with problem solving, communication, collaboration and empathy.

This simple activity consists of drawing a clock on a white paper and then they have to walk around the class speaking with different children and trying to meet one friend every hour of them clocks. When someone finds a partner for the 3 o'clock for example, he has to write that name next to the 3 o'clock. In fact, both boys will write the name of his friend, one for each other in the clocks. Finally, when everyone has completed his clock-partner with 12 different names (1 name every hour) they are ready to start. When the teacher say: Clock-partner of 5 o'clock! Everybody has to look for the name in 5 o'clock who already met before and find it in the class. That exercise gives them the oportunity to work with different children who they are not used to. Also, you can make a new clock-partner every month because that way they are working with new children every time. We can use clock-partner with many activities and different subjects too.

In conclusion, we should use to work with new methodologies like clock-partner because they usually are good tools to work with different competencies which are usually out of context. It also helps them to create a flexible but strong personality with strong critical thinking skills and it encourages them to share and respect the opinion of everybody at the same time.

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