we have inaugurated the artistic season with ART STUDIO !!

What is Art Studio?

Art Studio is a new space for artistic creation at Cicle Inicial.

It is a space/workshop where children make art, where children can naturally develop their creativity and display capacities as important as aesthetic sensitivity, autonomy, decision-making, curiosity or critical thinking ... because art does not teach only art, art also teaches us to live!

Art Studio is the natural continuation of the Atelier, adapting the proposals and contents to the interests and capacities of primary school children, but maintaining the goal of bringing children closer to art in a stimulating, personal and meaningful way.

The studio is divided into several spaces that allow the practice of different artistic languages: painting, drawing, modelling, construction, composition and graphic design, combining freedom and personal expression with the learning of an artistic language that requires technical knowledge and a unique way of thinking.

As Albert Einstein said "Creativity is intelligence having fun"; and the Art Studio is an intelligent creativity workshop!