Reserve your personalized visit to La Farga

We offer a meeting and personal guided visit with the principal or vice principal.

Dear families of P5,

This year will be your last in Escola Infantil La Farga. Our main task according to Institucio is personalization and accompaniment of families. 

For this reason, we would like to welcome you to La Farga and help to prepare the way for this new stage which your children will begin in the next school year.

In La Farga the Aude Project, which began in Escola Infantil La Farga will be continued, opting for English and innovative teaching techniques including reflection routines, Project work, robotics etc.

This year, due to the situation that we are presently experiencing, Open Class, which is organised on a routine basis involving parents’ participation, is not an option. Therfore, after some rethinking and consideration, we propose a personalized meeting with the headmaster, Sr. Riera or vice principal Sr. González. You will recieve an invitation to an online Open Day taking place in November. 

Apart from being a valuable opportunity to observe typical classroom activiites, it may also help in resolving doubts or concerns that may occur.

We would appreciate your help in the organisational process by completing the following form HERE 

In the hope of being able to welcome you personally, my best regards, and in the meantime, I remain yours sincerely.

Miquel Riera

School Principal

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