Activities that you can do for practising your English

“Practice makes perfect”

“Practice makes perfect”

1. Read a book in English. You can borrow one from the school

2. Read aloud a book in English (for 5-10 minutes). It is a great way of practising intonation and pronunciation. 

3. Record yourself reading aloud in English (for 5-10 minutes). (with a tablet or a mobile phone) 

4. Read a book with its audiobook version. It is really useful for practising pronunciation and gaining vocabulary. 

5. Watch a movie or a TV-series in English. (it is better the second). 

6. Use the 'shadowing technique'

Shadowing is a technique where you practice repeating after the speaker as soon as possible. This is different than a normal ‘listen and repeat’ technique. Don’t wait and listen to the whole sentence and then repeat. You have to repeat it as soon as possible, almost at the same time as the speaker. Choose one of your favourite movies or TV-series and practise with it for 5-10 minutes. 

7. Practice your English as if you were a tourist. If you go shopping or with your family to a shopping centre, to Barcelona…, try to practice your English. In a lot of these places, people knows a lot of English! 

8. If you travel abroad, practice your English! In most of the countries, they speak English fairly well! 

9. Prepare a story in English about one of the important Christmas days. It can be written or spoken. With subtitles in Spanish or in English Activities that you can do

10. You can make a keynote or a video in English. About a topic you like for presenting after Christmas. 

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