Interviews to native english speakers II

What is your name and where are you from?

A My name is Ethan Purcell and I am from a town called Stafford in the UK. For the past 4 years I have been living and attending university in Liverpool. 

Why did you choose this school and this country to work?
A I chose this school because of the excellent work that catholic schools do to develop students’ English abilities. I chose to live here in Spain because I have always loved the culture and way of life here. 
In which grade do you work with in La Farga?
A In La Farga, I work with the 3rd and 4th ESO classes as well as the 2nd Bachillerato class. 
What do you think of your actual job? Is it challenging, demanding? 
A The job can certainly be challenging at times but I thrive on encouraging and eliciting students to improve their English fluency. 
Why do you think students have willingness or desire to learn english?
A I think the appeal of English is the employability skills you can gain from learning it. English is ever-present in the cultural and economic world and so by learning it, the students know they are equipping themselves for success in the future. 
How do you encourage students to learn or improve their spoken English?
A To help improve the students’ English skills, I focus heavily on obtaining feedback from the students, so that I can tailor my lessons to address the aspects they find most difficult. 

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