Story Days

Story Days in Cicle Inicial

This week, on wednesday 15th, thursday 16th and friday 17th of march, the first and second graders will participate in the thematic week ‘Story Days’, in which they will learn about a lot of traditional stories such as Big Bear, Duck on a bike, Goldilocks, etc., in different workshops. 

Three days in which English is the only language spoken and which serves as a "crash course" for the students. To make it more enjoyable, a theme is always chosen, around which all activities are made. During these three days, the children will take part in activities related to the different stories. These activities will include songs, arts & crafts, storytelling and more.

Traditional tales and stories are worked on through reading worksheets, games in class and in groups. Both the native teachers and the other teachers of CI explain stories in English to the students, sometimes reinforced with short videos or films.

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